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jueves, 7 de enero de 2016

Minecraft Pocket Edition v0.13.0.b3 (Creador de Minas Edición de Bolsillo)

Minecraft Pocket Edition v0.13.0.b3
Minecraft Pocket Edition - differs practically with nothing from the computer version therefore its admirers will find many familiar details in mobile option. It is amazing with special, unique retrostyle. All events in this world are extremely simple and casual. It is the game, where graphics and other technical features aren't so important as process. After all it opens a mass of interesting opportunities which leave nobody indifferent. In this game the user independently builds his own computer world by means of various blocks. It isn't so simple, you have only elementary details complicating process and doing it more intriguing. Creating the Universe, it is possible to use different types of blocks carrying out different functions and having different properties. Using blocks, it is possible to build everything that your soul wishes, including: castles and palaces, roads and bridges, and even stadiums for golf. The game has pleasant postscoring: there’s no habitual music, but sounds of steps and all movements are very accurate. The game is played by means of a virtual joystick in the left part of the screen. To operate the review, it is necessary to slide a finger on the screen. To put a block, it is necessary to choose it in the menu, which is in the bottom of the screen, and to tap at the place where you want to put a block. It is very easy to break blocks too. For this purpose it is enough to hold a finger on the block which needs to be broken. There will be a round indicator there. Speed of destruction depends on durability of the chosen block. In the game there is a multiplayer on Wi-Fi. 
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